Glossary Compilation

A glossary is a bilingual or multilingual list of terms used in a project or belonging to a particular domain of knowledge. Apart from equivalent terms in another language, it may also include additional information such as definitions, examples, synonyms, pictures, comments, etc. It is a simple yet powerful terminology management tool allowing for terminological consistency within high volume projects or between versions of your documents. Glossary compilation is particularly recommended for clients who regularly order translations within a given domain, e.g. financial reporting, and/or use the services of multiple translation service providers.

Unless otherwise requested, glossaries are compiled as MS Excel files which are easily convertible to MultiTerm and/or similar software formats.


  • higher quality of translated content
  • terminological consistency
  • greater precision and accuracy
  • uniformity in subsequent versions of your documents
  • ease of reference
  • accelerated QA processes
  • increased productivity
  • reduced overall turnaround time