Financial Translation

The world has become a global village. In their search for growth, companies are entering new markets and setting up foreign subsidiaries. International trade has become extremely important to many economies. All this entails a constant flow of financial documentation which has to be translated. And it has to be translated well. Proficiency in source and target languages is not enough. You need someone who speaks the language of finance.

As a word of caution, you will easily find free machine translation engines or amateurs willing to work for peanuts. However, mistakes are more than likely to occur and may be far too costly…

Don’t take chances! Entrust your financial documents to a professional who knows his craft!


  • financial statements
  • accounts & accounting documentation
  • annual (& quarterly) reports
  • audit reports
  • due diligence reports
  • IPOs and prospectuses
  • minutes of Board of meetings
  • economic forecasts
  • letters to shareholders
  • contracts & agreements
  • press releases
  • market reports
  • risk assessment/management reports
  • pension and other employee benefit plans
  • letters of credit/bank guarantees
  • employee handbooks
  • codes of conduct
  • corporate communications
  • business correspondence
  • corporate profiles
  • training materials
  • insurance policies
  • HR documentation
  • and many more…